Our Team
Julie Diebolt
CEO - Booking, Management & Production

With several experiences in the field - agency and artist company in particular - she founded her own structure to accompany artists in 2017. Within Nuances, her busy days are shared between the direction of the structure, the booking and the management of artists. Trilingual in French, English and German, she will be able to defend and promote your artistic project on different territories. Internationally, there is no doubt that she is as comfortable in booking as she is at the controls of a plane in Flight Simulator, one of her other great passions!

Jean-David Toussart

The newest member in the team, booking is his playground. With an album in one hand and an agenda in the other, his mission is simple: to spread your musical projects, to create beautiful moments of concerts... Going on an adventure in the most beautiful venues and festivals, but it's mainly while waiting to create his own festival on Mars 🪐.

Booking is also the way to give meaning to one's passions: to satisfy one's musical curiosity, to share it, while making sure that the team never runs out of coffee!

Hugo Breiner