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Upright bass

Diego Imbert started playing music with the violin at the age of six, then with the electric bass at 15. It was not until 1995 that he started playing the double bass (Conservatory in Paris and courses with Jean François Jenny Clark and Eddie Gomez).

He has played with musicians such as : Archie Shepp, Aldo Romano, Richard Galliano, Eric Legnini, Philipp Catherine, Antonio Farao, Flavio Boltro, Jean-Michel Pilc, Franck Avitabile, Pierre de Bethmann, Guillaume de Chassy, Pierrick Pedron, Rosario Giuliani, Alain Jean-Marie, Sylvain Luc, Michael Felberbaum, Michel Perez, Olivier Ker Ourio, Baptiste Trotignon, Tigran Hamasyan, Ari Hoenig, Sara Lazarus, Elisabeth Kontomanou....

He set up his own band in 2008 with David El-Malek, Alex Tassel and Franck Agulhon and has recorded three albums as leader-composer-bassist with this Quartet, "A l'ombre du saule pleureur" (2009), "Next Move" (2011) and "Colors" (2015) on the Such Prod / Harmonia Mundi label. Also recorded in Duo with guitarist Michel Perez in 2013 the album "Double Entente" ( Such Prod/Harmonia Mundi} with whom he plays regularly since. This project became "Triple Entente" (Trebim Music/L'Autre Distribution) in 2016, joined by saxophonist Sylvain Beuf. Participates in the project "Le coq et la pendule , hommage à Claude Nougaro" followed by André Ceccarelli's "ANOUsGARO" with Pierre-Alain Goualch and David Linx which evolves into a new project, 7000 Miles with a new CD released in autumn 2017. His meeting with Enrico Pieranunzi and Andre Ceccarelli has given birth to three discs (Ménage à trois, Monsieur Claude) and the tribute to Charlie Haden that Diego imagined last year. In 2018, Diego created "Le Vent Nocturne", a suite of symphonic poems for twenty musicians based on the poems of Guillaume Appollinaire, whose death is being celebrated in 2018. This creation, supported by the DRAC Grand-Est, the Conservatoire de Strasbourg and JazzDor, will be presented in 2019 in a simplified version for eight musicians and a symphonic version in collaboration with the Conservatoire de Troyes. His "Urban" project (electric septet) was released at the end of 2019. A new CD in duo with Alain-Jean-Marie in homage to the music of Bill Evans "Interplay" will be released in November 2020.

In addition to his projects, Diego is currently part of the bands of Daniel Mille (Tribute to Astor Piazzolla), the tribute to Didier Lockwood (with Fiona Monbet, Francis Lockwood and Adrien Moignard), Samuel Strouk (Silent Walk), Enrico Pieranunzi (Ménage à 3), 7000 Miles (Linx, Ceccarelli, Goualch), Triple Entente, ...

Professor of Artistic Education (PEA) at the Conservatoire de la Ville de Troyes (Aube), he also teaches at the Centre Musical et Créatif de Nancy (CMCN), which has become the Music Academy Institute (MAI) since 1991, and at the CMDL for over ten years. He has also participated in numerous jazz workshops as a speaker (Trèves, Lisieux, Semur en Auxois, Granville) and has just initiated a Classical and Jazz double bass workshop with Marie-Christine Dacqui which will take place between the 8th and 10th of July in Haute-Marne. Diego Imbert has also been a journalist for Bass & Drums and Guitare & Bass and occasionally contributes to the magazine "Bassiste Magazine".

He composed the music for the show "Marmonie" and produced the music for "l'Ombre d'un doute", "Chemins de traverses" and "A4 interactions" by the Ruisseau company (contemporary dance) as well as the music for the plays by the Théarto company (theatre) "Barre à mine", "Godasses", "Brindille", "Le bonheur prisonnier" and "Dedans/Dehors".

Upcoming concerts
Porgy & Bess

DIEGO IMBERT upright bass



It has now been more than 10 years that these three musicians have played together and recorded albums. First came out the CD« Ultimo » of Andre Ceccarelli (with a symphonic orchestra) then the two CDs (with David Linx) in homage to Claude Nougaro as well as the project « 7000 Miles ». Their complicity and musical interaction has been reinforced by several hundred concerts during these recent years.

The trio’s new project is a homage to George Gershwin, more particularly his opera «Porgy and Bess », that was immortalized by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong then Miles Davis and many others. Like jazz standards that all jazzmen sometimes appropriate by re-harmonizing and /or changing themetric, the trio intends to appropriate the repertoire of the Broadway opera with original arrangements in order to offer a very personal version.

David Linx is featured for one title.

song cover
There's a Boat Dat Leaving Soon for New York
  • There's a Boat Dat Leaving Soon for New York

  • Bess You Is My Woman Now

  • Summertime

« To pass after so many other historical rereadings and to succeed in taking us elsewhere. »
« Classy! »
« Three French jazz references take up the challenge. »
« A summit of American music revisited by three of the best French jazz players : classicism and class ! »
« A most prestigious trio. »
« Careful and delicate jazz that pays a sincere and very well arranged tribute. »