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Claire Parsons



Vocals, compositions

Claire Parsons, born in 1993, is a Luxembourgish vocalist, composer & musician of British origin whose interest in music came at a very young age, where she studied classical piano, classical and electric guitar, jazz piano and classical vocals. She got her masters degree in Jazz Vocals with ‘Magna Cum Laude’ in 2020 at the Royal Conservatory in Brussels under the supervision of internationally renowned, prize winning Belgian jazz singer David Linx and pianist Diederik Wissels.

Having won the prize of ‘Best Upcoming Musician’ and being nominated in two categories at the Luxembourg Music Awards in 2018, she has since won the ‘First Prize Albert Michiels’ at the B-Jazz International contest in 2019 and first prize at the “Jazz Maastricht Professional Awards” in 2020 with the Brussels-based project Aishinka. Being part of many projects as a musician and composer has allowed her to play on many national and international stages and festivals and have made her be noticed by professionals from all over the world.

After having released her first EP «OnOff» with the Claire Parsons & Eran Har Even Duo in 2019, she released her first album “In Geometry” with her Quintet in May 2020, launched by the label Double Moon Records (Challenge Records) together with the popular German jazz magazine “Jazz thing” in their series ‘Next Generation Vol. 83’. The album has been well received by the press and was positively reviewed by numerous magazines & radio stations such as Classic 21, RTBF, La Première, Citizen Jazz, Jazz Thing, Jazz Around Mag, Le Quotidien, Le Soir, SK Jazz, ça C’est Culte and many more.

Claire is currently working on her second album “The Aquatic Museum”, collaborating with Luxembourgish musician and app developer Laurent Peckels, Nicole Miller, an American viola player and head of the Brussels-based string trio ‘in praise of folly’ with Belgian ‘Opéra La Monnaie’ violin player Maia Frankowski, Luxembourgish cellist Annemie Osborne, French/Luxembourgish drummer and pianist Jérôme Klein, Israeli guitarist Eran Har Even and the Belgian-based big band Q-Some Big Band. The release is planned for 2022.

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Jazz, indie pop
In Geometry


CLAIRE PARSONS vocals, compositions, lyrics


JEROME KLEIN piano, keyboard, percussions






CHARLES STOLTZ sound engineer & designer

Claire Parsons’ first album ‘In Geometry’ is the result of Claire’s search for her own musical identity, inspired by composition techniques that study geometrical forms and their impact on the theoretical and practical world of music. Together with the Israeli guitarist Eran Har Even, the French/Luxembourgish drummer and pianist Jérôme Klein, the Luxembourgish bass player Pol Belardi, drummer Niels Engel and sound technician Charles Stoltz, the music brings a vigorous contribution to the constantly developing modern European jazz sound.

The album reveals their broad influences that go from jazz, folk, electro, pop, rock to classical music and thus creates a very intimate and exciting atmosphere with the intention of creating harmony and balance within the existing environment.

The young Austrian illustrator and painter Astrid Rothaug created the visual concept of the album and has drawn by hand the original video for the first single of the album ‘No Shape'. The objects represented by the illustrations will find their place among the musicians on stage during the performances and will allow an exciting interaction between audio and visuals. After collaborating with the musicians Nicole Miller and Annemie Osborne on strings and vocals at the Luxembourg Philharmonie in 2021, the project introduces the new colours into their live set that allows a unique experience of high quality to the public.

The album was launched in Mai 2020 by the label Double Moon Records (Challenge Records) together with the popular German jazz magazine “Jazz thing” in their series ‘Next Generation Vol. 83’.

All compositions & lyrics by Claire Parsons

song cover
Line. Dot. Curve.
  • Line. Dot. Curve.

  • No Shape

  • Nebula

« Le nouveau CD de Claire Parsons est l’image de ce qui se fait de mieux dans la musique maintenant et dans l’avenir. L’album est une déclaration politique en soi, carrefour entre jazz, folk et pop/rock. J’adore! ” »
David Linx
« "Une voix claire, superbement posée ” »
Pascal Derathé
Citizen Jazz
« "Un album d’une grande maturité" »
Gilles Gaujarengues
Jazz, indie pop
Claire Parsons & Eran Har Even

CLAIRE PARSONS vocals, keyboards, effects

ERAN HAR EVEN guitar, effects

The duo "Claire Parsons & Eran Har Even", between Anglo-Luxembourgish jazz singer Claire Parsons and Israeli guitarist Eran Har Even, is a creative collaboration that mixes contrasting colors in original compositions. After playing in many renowned national and international festivals (Nancy Jazz Pulsations, Jazz A Vienne, Jazz Festival d’Albertville, Jazz A Brides, Biennale de Jazz Aux Perreux (FR) / Jazzclub Unterfahrt München, Kulturbörse Freiburg (DE ) / Philharmonie Luxembourg (LU) / Amersfoort Jazz Festival, So What’s Next (NL) / Baku Jazz Festival (AZE) / Südtirol Festival Merano (IT) / Vinnytsia Jazzfest, Odessa Jazz Fest (UKR)), they released their first EP "OnOff" at the end of 2019.

Eran Har Even is an Edison nominated Israeli guitarist, composer and music teacher currently residing in Amsterdam. Since his arrival in the Netherlands in 2006, Eran has established himself as a leading figure in the Dutch Jazz scene – recording and performing with some of the finest Jazz musicians on the local and international circuits. These include prominent musicians such as Benny Golson, Terell Stafford, David Friedman, Harmen Fraanje, Jamal Thomas, Joris Roelofs and Gilad Hekselman, to name a few. For a decade Eran has been a faculty member of the Conservatory of Amsterdam - teaching ear training, theory, guitar and coaching ensembles - training the next generation of aspiring Jazz and Pop musicians.

song cover
Run From The Moon
  • Run From The Moon

  • Is It True?

  • Mother

«  »
Pascal Dérathé
London Jazz News
« "Spacey sounds echoing round the mountains; strummed chords; taut rhymes; a rock-edged guitar solo, and Joni-esque vocals. In another, looped echoey vocal lines folded beautifully into each other like their own choir" »
Alison Bentley
The Aquatic Museum

Découvrez les mystères et la beauté des océans avec le nouveau projet de la chanteuse Claire Parsons : l'Aquatic Museum Band.

Deep in the mysteries and beauty of the oceans with the brand new project of the singer Claire Parsons : The Aquatic Museum Band.

The Aquatic Museum is a chamber music-pop music band founded in 2021 par the singer-songwriter Claire Parsons (LU/GB), the musician and app developer Laurent Peckels (LU) et the violist Nicole Miller (US).

The music collective was created with one objective : to gather artists of various artistics fields who are exploring beyond the traditional production, publication and performing process in music. With a complet gathering of musicians and international artists of various arts, including the violoniste Maia Frankowski (BE), the cello player Annemie Osborne (LU), the drummer Jérôme Klein (LU/FR), the guitar player Eran Har Even (IL), the Q-Some Big Band (BE), the painter Astrid Rothaug (AT), the plastic art performer Jeanne Held (FR), the music producer Charles Stoltz (LU) and the video game developer Alex Greenwood (LU).

The main sources of inspiration of the Album "The Aquatic Museum" is the works of Sufjan Stevens, Emiliana Torrini and Agnes Obel, the album invites the listeners to dive into the secrets of the wild and unknown waterworlds. The cords instruments, the electronics instruments, the choruses, the piano flights and attracting guitares riffs do create a sound which evokes the grandeur of the chambers of the sea and conjures up the song titles' metaphors. The Aquatic Museum Band mixes cleverly all the colours of the jazz harmony, the elegance of a chamber ensemble and the energy of a pop band. The carefully created compositions are leading us in a journey that will reinvent the sound of pop music.

The Aquatic Museum is an ambitious and art-crossing music project, it will even present an app in 2023 for all the people who want to digitally complete the world of "The Aquatic Museum".

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