Dernières Actualités

Louis Matute Large Ensemble for the openning of the You & The Night & The Music party !

It was one of those nights that will remain stuck in our heads, Louis Matute Large Ensemble participating to the TSF Jazz yearly party : You & The Night & The Music !

People Of Tomorrow, the new album de Baiju Bhatt & Red Sun has just been released !

The third album of Red Sun, le Jazz-rock band of the indian-swiss violon player is finally available on its phisical version !

The Alune Wade's concert at Café de La Danse is postponed to the 15th of March 2023 !

Louis Matute will play live for the You & The Night & The Music party by TSF Jazz

Write it down in your schedule, on the 12th of December Louis Matute and his Large Ensemble will be playing in the famous Salle Pleyel during the most important party in the French Jazz.